My bias Hahm Eunjung is the first female idol ever that admitted she had sex.

 ”This TV show asks guests to choose between two (technically sexual) categories and Eunjung chose the one where she’s aggressive/outgoing by day but sweet/submissive in the sheets/by night. The other choice is obviously the opposite.”

she was asked a question, and answered it honestly, she’s real. unlike those idols who fake innocence saying they haven’t had their first kisses yet…

also, i’m thankful for the scandal, if it wasn’t for that she might have been more careful, i LOVE her dgaf straightforward attitude now, she grew up so much over these past 2 years i’m so proud *wipes tears*

p.s. for people bashing her the show is called “Witch Hunt 마녀사냥” it’s rated 19 and is known for talking about sex and relationships and it’s on a cable channel, even in korea it was appropriate.

people are just hating because she’s an idol + OMG A T-ARA MEMBER 😔 *rolls eyes*

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Leo taking a test
  • Leo: /taking test/
  • Leo: /circles "yes"/
  • test: "If yes, please explain"
  • Leo: /erases the answer/
  • Leo: /circles "no"/
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